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Tenant Improvement Contractor Vancouver - Sovereign City Construction, the #1 solution for tenant improvement (TI) construction projects

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As the premier Commercial Tenant Improvement Contractor in Vancouver, Sovereign City Construction stands out for delivering top-notch construction services tailored to commercial spaces. Our experienced contractors excel in transforming commercial properties into attractive workspaces that align with business requirements.

We manage the entire construction process, from the initial design to quality control, ensuring that every improvement project enhances the value and functionality of your rental property. With a commitment to quality and efficiency, our team partners with clients to create custom interiors that reflect their company’s core values and meet the dynamic needs of their businesses.

The importance of tenant improvements

In the competitive landscape of commercial real estate in British Columbia, the significance of commercial tenant improvements cannot be overstated. These leasehold improvements are vital for building owners and businesses seeking to create optimized environments within their commercial spaces. Not only do they allow for the customization of rental spaces to specific business needs, but they also serve as a crucial investment that can significantly increase the property’s appeal and value. Tenant improvements foster more attractive and functional workspaces, crucial for tenant satisfaction and retention.

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Improvements handled by Sovereign's team

We can help landlords in TI for various types of businesses: our experienced team can plan renovations and improvements based on your budget.

Our team at Sovereign City Construction provides a wide range of services for commercial renovation projects, including the selection and installation of premium flooring and carpeting solutions. These improvements can be pivotal for tenants creating a welcoming and professional environment in any commercial building, from retail stores to health care facilities.

Our construction projects often involve comprehensive renovations of ceilings, windows, and lighting systems to enhance the ambiance and functionality of commercial spaces. Our experienced tenant improvement contractor team applies their extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure compliance with regulations and quality standards, creating well-lit, aesthetically pleasing environments.

The configuration of walls, doors, and partitions plays a critical role in designing effective workspaces. Our project management team collaborates with architects and clients throughout the design process to ensure these elements meet the specific requirements of businesses, enhancing the utility and privacy of the space.

A comfortable working environment is essential for employee satisfaction and productivity. Our construction services extend to the installation and upgrading of HVAC and plumbing systems, ensuring that commercial properties offer comfortable and safe environments for employees and visitors alike.

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Tenant improvements are a great asset in lease negotiations: control your renovation costs with reliable contractors in Vancouver.

Commercial spaces that can benefit from TI

Initial tenant improvements are a great way for landlords to attract high-quality prospective tenants and increase the value of their property over time. 

Lawyer offices

Customizable offices, meeting rooms, and client reception areas enhance professionalism and client confidentiality.

Dental clinics

Specialized layouts, patient comfort zones, and efficient workstations improve patient experience and workflow.

Medical clinics

Adaptable exam rooms, waiting areas, and private offices cater to patient care and staff efficiency.


Optimized retail and storage spaces with secure prescription areas for better customer service.


Custom interiors, kitchen design, and dining areas create unique dining experiences and operational efficiency.

Tell us about your client’s improvement projects

We are eager to collaborate with clients on their tenant improvement projects. Whether it’s a boutique retail store, a sophisticated restaurant, or a cutting-edge office space, our team is ready to bring your vision to life with innovative solutions and unparalleled expertise in commercial renovations.

Learn more about tenant improvements

Tenant improvement (TI), a pivotal aspect of commercial renovation, entails specific modifications undertaken within a rental space to suit the unique business requirements of a tenant. These changes, managed by experienced tenant improvement contractors, range from permanent to semi-permanent and are critical for enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of commercial spaces.

The construction process for these leasehold improvements is meticulously planned and executed, ensuring alignment with the tenants’ vision for an attractive workspace. The scope of these improvements is clearly defined within the lease agreement, emphasizing a collaborative effort between tenants and building owners to optimize the commercial property for specific operational needs.

What is not included as TI?

Despite the comprehensive nature of commercial tenant improvements, certain elements are typically excluded from this category. Tenant improvement costs do not include:

  • Movable furnitures and fixtures;
  • Personal decorations;
  • Outdoor upgrades, which are not fixed to the rental property and can be taken by tenants upon vacating the space;
  • Temporary cabling for IT infrastructure;
  • Moving expenses;
  • Any other removable items fall outside the purview of leasehold improvements.

These exclusions highlight the focus of TI on permanent or semi-permanent modifications that directly impact the rental space’s structure and functionality.

Distinguishing between tenant improvements (TIs) and building improvements is crucial within the realm of commercial real estate. While TIs are tailored modifications made to create customized workspaces for specific tenants, building improvements are broader renovations or upgrades conducted by the landlord across the entire commercial building. These building enhancements, ranging from structural modifications to the installation of new systems, are aimed at increasing the property’s overall value and appeal. The distinction lies in the scope and intention behind the improvements, with TIs focusing on individual tenant spaces, as outlined in the lease agreement, and building improvements enhancing the property as a whole.

In Vancouver, the tenant improvement allowance is a critical financial aspect of the lease agreement, determining the budget allocated for the construction cost of customizing a commercial space. This allowance, negotiated between the landlord and the tenant, covers a portion of the expenses associated with the tenant’s improvement projects.

How is the tenant improvement allowance calculated?

The calculation of the tenant improvement allowance (TI allowance) is a nuanced process, intricately tied to various factors including the location of the commercial building (market conditions, expected renovation projects, etc). This allowance essentially determines the financial contribution of the landlord towards the cost of leasehold improvements necessary for tailoring the space to the tenant’s business needs.

Typically, the TI allowance is negotiated and established during the leasing discussions, where it is articulated either as a specific dollar amount allocated for the entire rental space over the lease term or more commonly, on a per-square-foot basis. This financial arrangement allows tenants to have a clear understanding of how much of the construction cost will be covered by the landlord.

Should the cost of the desired improvements exceed the agreed-upon TI allowance per square-foot, it becomes the tenant’s responsibility to fund the difference.


Commercial tenant improvements encompass a variety of renovations and modifications designed to tailor commercial spaces to specific business needs. Common examples include:

  • Altering the interior layout to optimize workflow;
  • Upgrading flooring for aesthetic and practical purposes;
  • Remodeling ceilings and lighting to enhance ambiance and energy efficiency.
  • Custom built-ins, cabinetry, and specialized facilities, such as commercial kitchens or tech infrastructure enhancements, are also typical, reflecting the wide range of services provided by commercial renovation contractors.

These improvements, executed under the guidance of experienced professionals, ensure compliance with building regulations and safety standards, contributing to the creation of functional and attractive workspaces.

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